Top 5 waterfront restaurants in Los Angeles

People are always in awe of seascapes all around the world. According to research, people prefer to have food with the view of a water body in front of them, as it can make up for the tiredness of the day. Yes, having dinner with your special ones beside a lake or a river would be intimate. If you are a food and a water lover, then all you need to do is to pack your bags and head straight to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is one of the cities that have the most number of waterfront restaurants in the world. When you are in LA, you are open to various waterfront restaurants within the city.
• Pire I Café – The quality food and the exotic view of the Hudson waterline, make this place one of the busiest in town. With an outdoor bar and a grill, it is one of the cheapest in the city.
• Chelsea Brewing Company – Located at Chelsea Piers, this restaurants serve as both indoor and outdoor restaurants. Also, lunch and dinner is available all through the week and this restaurant is one of the popular in the entire LA. With beautiful mahogany bars and comfortable lounges, this place is crowded mainly during summer.
• Frying pan – The city of Manhattan has gone creative in turning a sunken lightship into a dive bar. This is one of the reasons that the Frying Pan restaurant is one of the hotspots in summertime.
• Boat Basin Café – This restaurant is one of the most sought after restaurants because of if its picturesque location and delicious food. One added advantage is that the site is extremely pet-friendly. You better watch a sunset by picking this famous outdoor spot.
• Beekman Beer Garden – With a well maintained garden and an excellent view of the riverside, people prefer this place especially for the skyline.